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FEMEN activists bare breasts because they don’t like my hijab

FEMEN activists bare breasts because they don’t like my hijab

By on April 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Now that I’ve learned a little bit more about FEMEN- this Ukraine based feminist group (with a branch in France,) I’m thinking they will bare their breasts for just about anything they are having a tantrum about.  And even amongst women in their own countries, they are not exactly a mainstream activist group.  They call themselves “radical feminists” and have used their trademark bare-breasted activism against religious institutions of all denominations and anything or anyone that they feel disrespects or attempts to disempower women.

NY Daily News: Topless Jihad Day article

Originally created in 2008 as a reaction to Ukraine women tricked into going abroad and being sexually abused, they claim topless protesting is the only way for them to be heard in their country.  When you look at history like that, you can’t help but feel a tug at the heart string. (If you have a heart.) But really?  Toplessness is the only way to be heard?

I don’t think I need to sell my viewpoint of FEMEN in great detail but only to say if you choose to walk around nude in public and can manage to not get arrested in your country, what business is that of mine?  I don’t police what women wear; nor would I protest against women who choose not to wear clothes in front of people.  (I have other fires to put out like educating people on the true meaning of the word ‘jihad,’ but I digress.)

I do stand up for my Muslim sisters who choose to wear hijab though.  So FEMEN is marching bare-breasted to tell my aunts, cousins, sister-in-law and friends who all choose to wear hijab all of their own volition- for their own reasons- that this practice or any practice of modesty in dress is wrong?

I mean- I can’t get too worked up about the ridiculousness of this.

But I will throw my picture in the ring for the online protest defending hijab.

Momma n Me. hijab

I don’t wear hijab on a regular basis.  Will I wear it on a regular basis some day?


Maybe not!

Golly gee whiz—- I am a Muslim woman with my own brain and I can make that decision for myself now, can’t I?

And to FEMEN activists:  If you are ever in Chicago, let’s have coffee on the magnificent mile and talk activism.  I’m sure we have a lot of stories to share with each other.  But if you don’t mind, I will be wearing clothing.



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