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Remnants of War Continue to Shatter Lives

Remnants of War Continue to Shatter Lives

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Photo Credit:  Associated Press/Amel Emric – In this Saturday Aug. 11, 2012 photo the clothes in which 6-year-old Tarik Bijelic died hang on the line in front of his family’s small house in the village of Olovske Luke, 60 kilometers north of Sarajevo, Bosnia. Tarik Bijelic was hit by a land mine last week as he scavenged in the forest for firewood to help his family make ends meet. He died in his father’s arms. 

Tarik Bejelic Memorial Fund Website

I grew up without grandparents.

My paternal grandfather lost his life tragically in the 1940s when my father, the youngest child of the family, was only 9 years-old.  At a time in communist Bulgaria, before the borders really tightened up, residents who lived nearby could cross over (if they flew under the radar) to do business and trade with residents of Greece, to keep food on the table.

My grandfather had bigger plans on this day- as communism’s grip took greater hold of Bulgarians and oppression of the Muslim faith for Pomaks (Bulgarian Muslims) continued.  On this day, he was returning with plans to bring his family over the border to Greece to start a new life.  But the vision of these plans was not to be.

My grandfather stepped on a land mine, leftover from war.

His last words before he died were, “My kids!”

War is the tool of those who seek power and everything that goes with it (money, control) at the expense of innocent lives.  War does not clean up after itself.  It leaves families broken, shattered by death, injury and post-traumatic stress.  It leaves economies weakened.  It leaves refugees forced to leave their homes for a safter place somewhere else- having to completely learn to live a new life.

It leaves land mines that kill people- years and years after they were laid in the depths of war.

This Ramadan, please take a moment to share the story of Tarik Bejelic.  He is a 6 year old boy who lost his life last August, while searching for firewood with his father.  He stepped on a land mine.

Please read his story.

Please share his story.

Please donate what you can to the Tarik Bejelic Memorial Fund to not only provide for his family, but to raise awareness of the very real and ignored issue of land mines.

Ramadan Kareem.  May God bless you in this world, all of God’s creation, no matter your beliefs.  Thank you.


Memorial Fund
In August of 2012, a young 6-year old Bosnian child was killed when he stepped on a landmine in the city of Olovske Luke, Bosnia. We created this Tarik Bejelic Memorial Fund Website (Tarik Memorial Fund) to not only bring awareness around this tragedy, but also to support the Bejelic family. Tarik was assisting his father in the nearby forest attempting to collect firewood for the upcoming winter when this tragedy took place.

The simple mission of the Tarik Bejelic Memorial Fund is to collect funds for the annual purchase of firewood for the Bejelic family. The goal is to colect $1,050 by August 1st, 2013. The funds will be delivered to Ibro Bejelic, the father of Tarik.

As of July 18th, 2013 we have received $500.

Future donations will not only focus around the annual purchase of firewood, but also educational funding for Tarik’s two siblings.

Thank you for all your help.

Bosnian Boys Death Puts Focus on Mind Fields




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