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The Irony of Being Religiously Discriminated Against During Your Bar Exam

The Irony of Being Religiously Discriminated Against During Your Bar Exam

By on August 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Muslim Woman Harassed Over Religious Headwear While Taking Bar Exam

 “It’s like rain on your wedding day
It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid
It’s the good advice that you just didn’t take
Who would’ve thought… it figures”

Isn’t it Ironic, Alanis Morissette

Oh, isn’t it ironic?

  • guy orders a big mac, fries and a super-sized diet coke
  • security guard is asleep on duty
  • first aid kit is locked in a cabinet and no one has the key
  • a dairy farmer who is lactose intolerant
  • the protestor holding a sign that says, “This is America!  Speek English!”
  • Or how about this one?
Where's this half-Muslin's birth certificate??

Where’s this half-Muslin’s birth certificate??

Okay- enough fun with irony.  (But I can seriously do this all day.)  Now let’s switch to jokes!

So a Proctor, a hijabi girl, and other “regular people” walk into a bar exam ….

No seriously.

A woman who wears hijab (head scarf some Muslim women wear) DID sit to take her bar exam.  You know— that SUPER HUGE exam to practice law.  An exam that a lot of people fail because — well— it’s REALLY hard!  Can you imagine the kind of stress a person must be under when they go to sit for their bar exam?  I’ll bet people get sick- like- pepto bismol sick over this type of stuff.

So then she gets this note passed to her from the Proctor whilst the examination period has already begun:


Umm, seriously?

Passing a note to the test taker after the exam has commenced?

A bar exam Proctor asking a Muslim women to remove her headscarf?

C’mon Ms. Proctor.

Some Muslim women wear head scarves.  Do we not know this by now?  And you are in an authoritative position over people that will be practicing law?
Isn’t it ironic?

Asking a woman who chooses to wear hijab to remove it publicly is like asking a person to strip naked publicly.  It’s seriously so ridiculous, that I cannot find words to talk about this situation without simply making fun of it with animated gifs of Iron Man doing some ironing.

It appears from the response the anonymous, hijab-clad test-taker made publicly-  she did not feel it was blatant discrimination.  She put it nicely however she did describe it, but reading between the lines, the Proctor was exercising her stupidity more than anything.

With that, I end this blog post and wish you a day of irony that only works in your favor like :

  • having a “broke” week and then finding a 20 dollar bill in your pocket
  • car breaks down in front of the mechanic’s shop
  • the armed robber shooting himself in the foot
  • a homeless man garbage picking a million dollar antique

Oh … isn’t it ironic?


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