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Dear Spammers

Dear Spammers

By on October 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear Spammers,

Okay- I’ve been on the blogosphere for some months now.  It’s been swell. I enabled the comment feature out here to give readers an opportunity to respond to the things I’m writing.  Wether they agree with me or don’t agree with me.  Love me, hate me or somewhere in between- I welcome dialogue.

But who invited you to the party?


When you put your stupid spam on my blog- selling your knock-off shoes, purses and erection medication- it has nothing to do with the dialogue I am attempting to set forth on this page.

You see, I pay for this page with my hard earned money.

I take time out of my life to research and write the content.

Advertisers are welcome to place an ad here- for a cost.

You are not allowed to pimp out my page so that search engines can get unwitting people to click on your link selling fake merchandise from half-way across the world.

Listen- you are robbers and thieves.  As long as you are making money- you don’t care who you are hurting or stealing from.

You are slime.

What are you contributing to society?

Stay off my blog.


For now- I have halted the ability for readers to comment on my website- which is a shame for the real people (Islamophobes included!) that actually want to talk to me about what I’m writing.

In the meantime, karma is a bitch.  And someday, you might wish you held onto some of those fake meds you pedaled by stealing internet space from other hard working and honest people- when karma bites you in the private parts.


Yasmina Reality


About the Author

About the Author: I'm a Writer and Muslim Activist. I'm also a Board Member of the #MyJihad Public Education Campaign. Follow my blog at yasminareality.com or follow me on Twitter: @yasmina_reality. I'm also now on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YasminaReality Peace! .

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