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Happy World Hijab Day

Happy World Hijab Day

By on February 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

February 1, 2014.  Today is World Hijab Day. #worldhijabday

Check out the official website of this worldwide movement that started a year ago.  http://worldhijabday.com/

Wearing hijab is a choice.  For most women who wear it, it symbolizes their devotion to One God.  It symbolizes their ideals.  That their physical body and their beauty is sacred, not something they wish to share with anyone and everyone. The way a fine jewel is encased in glass to honor and protect, so is modest dress.

I am loving the articles and photos on social media showing non-muslim girls and women wearing hijab today and supporting their muslim friends.  Many on video said it made them feel beautiful.

I don’t wear hijab regularly, but when I do, I am treated differently.  The awkward sexual tension (yes- I can say it.  There is often a baseline level of it, even if it is oh so subtle, when men and women interact) is erased.  I am treated as a human being first and foremost.  And I gotta say- it’s a powerful feeling.

I love hijab.  I love wearing it.  I love all the colors.  (My guilty pleasure hijabs are usually blue and sparkly.) Thanks to my beautiful cousin, Nesreen, I have many colorful prints and fabrics in my hijabi drawer at home- most brought back from Palestine.

So happy Hijab day, people!  Put on hijab.  Feel beautiful.  Understand its meaning. Encourage others to not judge the deep meanings of hijab without further education on the topic.  And rock your hijab today!

me and my bestie

me and my bestie



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