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Bigots Behaving Badly

Bigots Behaving Badly

By on March 25, 2014 in Uncategorized


Watching grown ups throw temper tantrums is always awkward.  Watching grown ups throw temper tantrums because they are so filled with bigotry and hate is simply pitiful.

I wrote about the Murfreesboro, TN mosque last year.  It’s a mosque community that has been in the area for decades and had an uphill battle to build their beautiful, new mosque.  Their construction equipment was torched.  They received death threats.  They were taken to court.  I have relatives in the area and had the opportunity to visit the Murfreesboro mosque with my mother in law and my children.

Thinking back to my visit as I write this leaves me with warm memories of the hospitality I was offered by deeply devoted muslims, caring neighbors, steadfast citizens and patient human beings.  They built their mosque- no matter what it took – no matter that bigots were pounding on their doors.  And they did so with patience and resolve.  They are truly an example for any group or individual that faces bigotry and hate – on how to face such diversity.  And I’m humbled and honored to have met them.

I was beyond saddened to learn that the haters know no bounds.  They are fighting tooth and nail to stop the Murfreesboro mosque community from developing a cemetery to bury their loved ones.  The Rutherford County Zoning Board approved the cemetery in January- and the haters have come out acting a fool trying to stop it.  Even harassing the news crews that showed up at the court house to cover the hearing.


You can sleep at night knowing you are spending your days trying to prevent your neighbors from burying their dead?  And harassing people who are showing the world what you are doing?

Awkardly pitiful.

I’m glad the video above- of the mayhem in the courthouse- was taken.  This video is now an archive – a display of the ugliness that is hate.  The wacky hysteria displayed, the cry for empathy for the fact that “people took off work” and couldn’t have their hearing because the judge was recused.


You want sympathy for having taken off work to harass people and be a bigot.

This is hate, folks.  And what it looks like.  The bad, the wacky and the ugly.

photo credit: dnj.com



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