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Muhammad Ali – Legend

Muhammad Ali – Legend

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Seen with my friend Sadaf Syed’s book, iCover: A Day in the Life of a Muslim-American COVERed Girl.

Allah has taken our brother, Muhammad Ali, back home to Him. inna lilahi wa inna ilahi raji un. To God we belong. To Him we return.

Wow- notwithstanding his accomplishments in boxing – and the memories I have of my family watching his matches with such excitement – he leaves behind such an indelible mark on the Muslim community. He was steadfast in his stance as a believer. In his devotion to doing the right thing by humanity. By standing against the grain for what was right and true. To standing up for the oppressed. For not caving into ego-maniacal traps of fame and fortune and demanding he use his gifts of the dunya to help others and to serve Allah. To strive for a spot in Jannah.

What an inspiration he leaves the planet- on SO many levels!  15058-muhammad-ali-

Rest in peace, Muhammad Ali. May you be reclining in the highest levels of Jannah.

With my Imam, Senad Agic




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