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About Me

About Me

All Op-Eds, opinions and written blogs or expressions I make here or published elsewhere under my name(s) (Yasmina Blackburn, Yasmina Reality) are solely mine and mine only. My opinions and writings do not reflect that of any business I work for or volunteer for or any organizations or groups I previously worked for or volunteered for. They represent my individual thoughts and feelings on the topics I care about. I am an individual artist, writer, activist.  Thank you. Yasmina Blackburn


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I support #BDS.

Hi- and welcome to yasminareality.com.

I am mom to 2 amazing kids and wife to the only man who knows how to put me in my place. (Lucky for him!) I was born and raised in Chicago and now live in suburbia where I enjoy such amenities as a guaranteed parking space and traffic that doesn’t give me the urge to drive a fork into my eye.

at my son's soccer practice

at my son’s soccer practice

I spent quite a few eventful years in Corporate America- and now living the Mom dream: President of the PTA, kids’ sports (soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball) and I’m a freelance writer and Technical Writer. I like helping others. I’m very approachable. And friendly. And sometimes loud. And I’m outspoken. If you get deep into my inner circle and heart- you’ve won me over and I’ll do anything for you. And not ask anything in return. I’m very forgiving. But I will always stand up for the underdog. And for what is right and true. I can’t help it. It’s how I’m wired.

I’m a progressive with no political party affiliation to speak of- and I’m a Muslim American, born to a Bulgarian Muslim father and a Croatian Catholic mother. Both of my parents have amazing, emotional and tragic backgrounds and stories that I’m finally ready to share in my writings. My father escaped communism. My mother was born in a refugee camp in Linz, Austria. My upbringing was different than other kids I knew- but it also afforded me perspectives about life that to some- seem out of this world.

I hope to share some of my perspectives here at YasminaReality.com and at my blog on Huffington Post.  And interact with you.  I don’t care what color you are, what religion you are, what nationality you are.  If you were the outcast at school- I was likely the kid friending you and making sure no one kicked your ass. 😉  My only requirement to engage in dialogue with anyone is that they come in good faith.  If you are here to bash me or Islam, don’t waste my time.

Thanks for stopping by.

On the top floor of the Sears umm...err ... Willis Tower.

On the top floor of the Sears umm…err … Willis Tower.

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