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MyJihad Public Education Campaign

MyJihad Public Education Campaign

Right now- in addition to my mom duties which are my first and main priorities in life- I am a Board Member of MyJihad, Inc., where I am the official Writer / Correspondent for this Public Education Campaign that is taking back the word “jihad” and taking back Islam from Muslim extremists and anti-Muslim extremists alike.  Official #MyJihad Website

I dig it!


Jihad is an Arabic word. It means “struggle.”

There is one thing for certain. My family has been through enough as have I- to be too stubborn to allow anyone to speak for me. I am outspoken; I can speak for myself, thankyouverymuch.

#MyJihad is to be who I am and share that with the world. And invite others to join me in speaking their truths.

What’s yours?


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